Schedule Spay/Neuter Appointment

Spay Memphis is a non-profit clinic dedicated to preventing pet overpopulation by providing high-quality, affordable spay/neuter services to the public.



  • Due to the large demand for affordable spay/neuter surgeries, we do book pretty far in advance and in some cases, have no appointments open at all. The online scheduler shows all that is available. Please feel free to keep checking back for openings. 
  • Spay/neuter appointments require a $10 deposit to schedule. This deposit is applied to your pet’s spay/neuter cost, unless you no-show the appointment.
  • Prices are listed on our website here.
  • If you plan to use grant funding to help with the cost of the surgery, please view all available funding options before requesting an appointment by clicking here.
  • If Memphis Animal Services or FCAR agreed to cover the cost of your pet’s spay or neuter, please email us at or call 901-324-3202 to let us know before scheduling as the deposit may be waived for you. 
  • Drop off for all pets on their surgery day is 7:30 – 8:30 am. Pick-up for dogs is at 3:00 pm and pick up for domestic cats is at 4:00 pm. All pets have until 5:00 pm, at the latest, to be picked up after surgery.
  • Only one pet can be scheduled at a time. If you are trying to schedule multiple pets, you must request an appointment for each of them. If you would like them on the same date, we recommend scheduling any female pets first. Please note that we will not accept more than 4 appointments for the same date from the same pet owner.
  • While we do not require your pet be up-to-date on vaccines to use our spay/neuter services, it is highly recommended.
  • Pets age 7 years and above are required to have pre-op bloodwork ($35) the morning of surgery to ensure they are safe to undergo anesthesia. If you are requesting grant funding, ask if the grant funding can also cover your bloodwork cost, if needed.
  • Please do NOT schedule feral/community cat appointments as they do not need an appointment. Feral/community cats may be brought in Tuesday – Thursday between 7:30 – 8:30 am. They must be in a live, humane trap. Please review our feral cat policies here.
  • We no longer see rabbits and pigs as we have redirected our main focus to dogs and cats only. 
  • Pet owners who have an unpaid balance on their account must pay balance before scheduling or appointment will be denied.
  • Pet owners with multiple no-shows on their account will have their appointments denied.
  • View all frequently asked questions by clicking here.