Spay/Neuter Surgery Pricing

Full payment of services is due on the morning (at drop-off) of your pet’s appointment. Spay Memphis accepts cash and credit/debit cards for payment. Checks ARE NOT accepted for payment of services.

Grants or other discounts may be available to offset our already at-cost prices below. You can view available grant funding by clicking here.

Dogs (must be at least 8 weeks old)

Spay (female) or Neuter (male) $100 (includes an e-collar, nail trim, pain injection, and take-home pain medication)

Additional, optional services offered during spay/neuter appointments for dogs can be found by clicking here.

Cats (must be at least 8 weeks old AND must weigh at least 2 lbs.)

Spay (female) or Neuter (male) $60 (includes nail trim and pain injection)

Feral/Community cat spay/neuter $40 (includes rabies vaccination, ear tip, pain injection, and penicillin shot). This is for outside cats ONLY – not your pet cats. Please review our feral/community cat policies for more information.

Additional, optional services offered during spay/neuter appointments for cats can be found by clicking here.

For domestic cats and dogs 7 years and older, Pre-Op blood work ($35) is required.

Beginning April 1, 2022, Spay Memphis has suspended all scheduling of rabbit and pig spay/neuter surgeries in our efforts to refocus solely on dogs and cats.

If you have a rabbit or pig that needs to be spayed or neutered, we recommend the following:

An additional complicated surgery fee may be incurred if your pet needs hernia repair or other major complications unrelated to spay/neuter. If you bring in a pet that is previously altered; office, exam and/or sedation fees may apply.

*Prices are subject to change as needed and are not guaranteed until an appointment is made*